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Winterize more than your car, include your hair!

Winterize more than your car,

include your hair!

Dry heat in the house and blustery temperatures outside, combined with the rubbing, tangling, and pulling from our heavy clothing, can all do a number on our hair during the winter months. Conditioners are essential, must include fatty acids and humectants (a substance that promotes the retention of moisture).

There are a number of things we can do to prevent the drying and breakage most people experience during the winter. If you have THICK or CURLY hair, you should condition the mid shaft of the hair to the ends weekly if possible or when you are having your hair serviced. It is not necessary to apply conditioner to the hair shaft close to the scalp, this area is where most of the natural oil is. If the hair is FINE or THIN, do not use heavy conditioners. Use a regular conditioner, coupled with a leave-in spray. The conditioner absolutely must be light so that the hair will not be weighed down.

Quick tips to help your hair withstand the winter weather:

Cut out the "Shampoo & Go" styling. Shampoo at night and allow your hair to dry over night as opposed to when your outside.

Wear your hair up when possible; doing so will protect the hair ends from snagging on wool coats, scarves and sweaters.

Use heavier conditioners; dry heat inside and cold air outside can pull the moisture from the hair. Deep condition hair with heat, under a hood dryer, for at least 30 minutes. If a dryer is not accessible, use a plastic cap, your body will produce the necessary heat.

Include hot oil treatments in your hair regimen, either before or after shampooing.

HIDE YOUR HAIR- Protect your hair with a silk or satin bonnet or scarf under your hats to prevent hair from drying out.

Foot Note:

Stay away from using heavy/ oily products on a daily basis. They may clog the hair follicles and may cause issues including scalp folliculitis (the infection and inflammation of hair follicles). Silicone based products are best, however they are rarely labeled as silicone, but as dimethicone as the key ingredient.

If you have a hair care question you would like answered, send it to

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