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To Lace or Not to Lace... 101

First things first; Lace fronts can be called a variety of names, including lace wigs, front lace wigs, and lace frontal wigs, units, custom unitts, and cranial prosthesis. You get the idea: there is lace at the front. But why? The lace at the front of these wigs provides added realism to the look. The lace is designed to mimic a natural hairline by blending with your skin tone. Now the hair line is not naturally in the lace, it must be customized to create a realistic hairlic with as much symetry as possible to your own. Keep in mind that this style only has lace at the front, so you will only get the blending effect at your forehead, though the crown of the head. Anopther optionis the 360 lace wig wich provides a lace edge all the way around the head, to where the hair can be worn up in a ponytail. 

Are Lace Front Wigs More Expensive

With better quality usually comes an increased price range, and while that rings true with lace front wigs, there is a wide range of qualities to choose from. That means that you can easily find a lace front wig in your price range, particularly if your wig is custom manufactured. Bring your hair of choice to TRC Beauty will allow you the freedom to spend within your budget when it comes to hair selection. Bring your hair, and let us do the work!

How to Clean Lace Wigs

Some people ask if lace front wigs are more difficult to clean. They honestly aren’t; to wash one, you follow protocol according to the type of hair, rather than the style of the wig. That being said, if you have a human hair lace wig, it needs to be washed like any other human hair wig, and if you have a synthetic lace front, it should be washed according to any other synthetic specifications. 

How Long Does A Lace Front Wig Last?

As with any wig, the lifespan of you wig will be determined by what it is made of. Synthetic lace front wigs can last for up to a year if they are well-cared for, and a human hair lace front that is well cared for can last up to two years!

Contact us for consultations to create your custom lace unit!

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