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Hair Extensions are a premium service at The Red Chair. Please call for Hair Extension and Custom Unit consultations; we will be more than happy to assist you! While you are certainly welcome to bring your extensions with you when you come, we carry and provide the best grade of hair possible, Royal Red!

Royal Red Hair Bundles are available for purchase through this site or directly through the salon. 

Maintaining your extensions, custom unit or hairpiece is easy at The Red Chair. We can custom fit, cut, thin, curl and style your unit or hairpiece to bring out your unique personality. Also, bring your unit or hair piece to us for cleansing, repair, or reconditioning.

In addition to styling maintenance, we also offer Lace Repair; due to normal wear and styling it is only natural that the hair on your lace frontal or closure will become thin over time. We are skilled in the art of repairing torn lace, as well as ventilating to replace hair that has been combed out over time.  

The Royal Red Collection:

The Royal Red Collection is a line of custom hair units and cranial prosthesis, initially designed to for those experiencing hair loss due to various forms of Alopecia and other medical conditions. Since its inception, many clients have purchased our units for both functional and cosmetic purposes. 

Services include:

Installation, Custom Unit Creation - hand or machine manufactured,

Full Service; Cleasing, Conditioning, Styling, Unit Refreshing

Repairs (require in-salon consultation)

Other Hair Pieces and Toupee's (require in-salon consultation)

Schedule a Consultation, Installation Service, or Hair Bundle Purchase here:

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